About Us

Ornam Gold

Og Sterling is a silver unit of well established firm Ornam Gold ( OG).
Registered in 2011 in Mumbai to provide best of it’s products and services to it’s clients. We have strategically Categorized our business under different brands and Trade names.

Ornam Gold (OG) registered under GST NO. 07AADFO1268R1ZQ deals in Gold/Silver/Diamonds and all types of precious metals and precious stones.

Founder and Owner of Ornam Gold (OG) Mr.Suraj Parkash Chadha is known for his creations in precious metals like Gold/Silver/platinum/ Titanium etc.He has created endless list of artefacts in Gold. He has created Gold Spectacles,Gold pens, Gold buckles, Gold watches and so on…

The biggest credit in his belly is, the biggest ever, Gold necklace of 4 kilograms and 11 feet long specially designed by him for World famous Ganpati LALBAGH KA RAJA in Mumbai. This mammoth creation is the personal property of Lalbagh ka raja which can be seen in the the images of Ganpati Idol.

One fine morning Mr.Suraj Parkash Chadha thought of entering into the Daimond world.He created a sample design of Diamond Necklace using Cz (Cubicle Zirconia) with Silver base of high purity 925%. The final outcome was so catchy and attractive that he decided to create a different brand of Exclusive Designer Silver jewellery.
That’s how Og Sterling was born.

Og Sterling is now the largest manufacturers of high purity 925% Hall Mark jewellery. It’s a brand of International Calibre known for it’s wast range of Exclusive,Designer Silver jewellery.

All our products come with Authenticity Certificate and GST bill. A complimentary magic cloth is also given for instant shine on Silver/Gold or Diamond Jewellery.

In today’s increasingly competitive and Challenging market, we
strive, not to be just another provider of silver jewellery.We are a company committed to our core values: our people,innovation, integrity and excellence, as well as providing outstanding services and support to our customers.
Whatever your needs may be, you can feel confident that experienced professionals from our team, have a solution for you.